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I am a happiness coach

A specialist at busting through negative thinking, I’m ready to help you with my natural fairy godmother skills and burning passion for all things law of attraction.

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Join my coaching challenge

I’d love to join you on Your Health, Wealth and Happiness Journey. I’m offering you a FREE 30min session to get started creating your success habits.

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The life of your dreams

I am more interested in hearing about your fantasies of your future and helping you take steps to get there.  Gratitude and happiness are our first stop.

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What our customer say about us

“I would highly-recommend working with Elisa, she is friendly, funny and makes you feel very at ease.” I instantly felt as though I had a more positive outlook in terms of my business and life.

Claire W.
Claire W.Branding and Marketing Consultant

“The work Elisa is doing is important.” Because of her coaching I have learned about and used some approaches that have helped me enormously in my personal and professional growth.

Nanci B.
Nanci B.Retired Partner

Together we’ll find a plan

Ring my bell at 424.265.0971. I will most likely be meditating, going for a walk or talking to a client, so please leave a detailed message at the tone.

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